After the Rain

After the Rain, tips its hat to the romantic stillness after the Storm. And when the winter storms has calmed we seek our way to the beach where ever in the world we are. In Torquay celebrating spring has arrived means ‘jumping the rock’. It´s cleansing, a fresh start and we do it with friends.

After the Rain is our 2018 swim & surf collection, but also our interpretation of what it might mean in your country.. watch the video and keep reading..

After the Rain from U&I Label on Vimeo.


[Rain in Swedish]

After the rain (read snow) we play who is the bravest – means jump in to the a hole in the ice at the nearest lake. It makes you feel alive. Freezing? Yes – but as we say “lagom” – not to little. Not to much. Just right.
View the Regn piece

‘Goose bumps’ Photo: Willem-Dirk Du Toit

[Rain in Hawaiian]

It constantly rains in Hawaii – but that doesn’t change the temperature or us from getting wet “laughs” – When we surf in the rain, we´re surrounded by the element – we glide through waters washed by waters straight from heaven – does it get any better?
View the Ua piece

‘The Rock’ Photo: Willem-Dirk Du Toit

[Rain in Indonesian]

During the rain we seek shelter in our favourite local coffee shop of trust – enjoying a cup of dark, warm and “pure” Indonesian coffee watching the surf – soaking it all in – the smell, the taste, the happiness.
View the Hujan piece

DJI_0055Photo: Willem-Dirk Du Toit

[Rain in French]

Après pluie- after the rain we like to take the opportunity to catch up on life after the surf. We gather the girls, the “finest” red wine, cheese and we yes we still smoke to.
View the Plue piece

‘The wait’ Photo: Emma Bäcklund

[Rain in Croatian]

After the rain, we walk down the still wet and warm streets in the search for a chilled Espresso Martini – just to sit down watching the sea calming and easing again and the fishermen rolling out their boats.
View the Kisa piece

uandilabel-SriLankaPhoto: Emma Bäcklund

[Rain in Finnish]

After the rain we pack our pick-nick, gather our friends and ride on our bikes to the closest lake. This is where you can find us during the best day of the year.. “summer”.
View the Sade piece

DJI_0011 copy2Photo: Willem-Dirk Du Toit

After the Rain Collection

The After the Rain collection is created with a uniform in mind, an ocean version of what a woman would want to wear everyday, well made timeless pieces designed for Ocean Dwellers. Created in Torquay. Australian Made.

Shop the range

The film clip:
Shot and edited by Willem-Dirk Du Toit
Art Direction: Emma Bäcklund
Music: Gymnastic in the Seventies
Created for @BabesOnWaves & U&I Label

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