Melody Jasmine


Meet Melody a gal with mad photographer skills from Byron Bay. Shooting images on film is what she does. Sounds ideal right? Well, it is.

Her tune goes a little like this – Hippy ocean loving parents, who pretty much gave this bus dwelling soul her creative DNA. Ye that’s right, she lives in an old school bus with her son Zephyr and surfboard shaping partner Matty. More about that and them later… let’s get on the road already!

6e77ff996a332fce72ea3ea2349d5569Photo: Ryan Heywood

Intro yourself

I am Melody Jasmine! Born and bred in Byron, grew up with a nice blend of ocean & bush. My parents definitely passed onto me a creative way of life. True hippies living in the hills, growing their own food and playing music. Making crafts to sell at the markets was their daily ritual.

Left school very early and dabbled in all sorts of things, until I started clothing label ‘My Sunday Feeling’ at 21, which carried me through 10 years! Along the road, I found a passion for photography and everything that’s involved in creating a shoot from scratch, so this has become a new pathway for me that I love so much.

A001055-R3-29-30Photo collection: From Melody´s shoot in Byron Bay in her partners man shed with Sofia Callmes wearing the U&I Storm Collection

How did @ontheroadwithmelody come about?

Working for myself in whatever I am doing has always been the way, I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way!

 I suppose I envisioned it being a gateway to always being able to be free, so working for myself has always been a little bit like that, but doing photography REALLY is… I can just hit the road with my little 3 year old man in tow anytime I want and create work along the way. I also feel the name stirs the thought that I never do studio shoots. It’s always wild and free in the open surrounded by nature!


Girls on film (we love it!)

I never really felt the passion shooting digital and I’m not a fan of manipulating images so much. Why sit in front of the computer doing that forever, when I could be spending that time refining what I am actually shooting to start with. It makes you a better photographer in a way.


The brands you work with…

I adore that 99% of the brands that I have shot for give me complete freedom with basically all aspects of creating the shoot, so I am lucky there. I am happiest shooting for a label that has a sense of ethics & with quality natural materials ~ Slow fashion, not fast fashion!


Dream shoot?

Ahh too many to dream up! 


Shoot shoot shoot!


Other projects?

Myself and a friend Lor @girlviolence have just launched into talent representation and this sits alongside my photography. I feel it’s just an extension of what I already do. We have brought a talented bunch of beautiful creatives together, encouraging brands to take more initiative to care about who are behind the faces of their branding.


When not shooting?

Hanging with my little man Zephyr, he’s 3 and amazing. We live in a 40ft 1969 school bus on our friend’s property. We basically live outside most of the day and are mostly gardening, riding bikes around the property, spotting koalas and trying to stop the cheeky wallabies and cows from eating our garden.



The ocean was the happiest part of my life for many many years, I could never imagine not surfing or even choosing to go on a holiday without surf. Life has changed a lot for me now, so I don’t get in the water as much as I would like. I must get back out there… My partner @mycsurf makes the most insanely beautiful surfboards, so it’s a huge part of our lives.

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This interview is part of The Women Of Bells series.

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Words by: Emma Bäcklund
Edited by: Lorna Fox

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